About Us
Look for bikers,
thank you.
All About Mystos!

A few years ago I was participating in a
MS awareness challenge
(which by the way is why everything is orange),
and my good friend Jay gave me a huge
discount on all of the supplies/decorations needed to complete the
event. I had grabbed a bag of
balloons and a pump, amongst other things.
We started at 6am and about 14 hours later, I had successfully
made my first balloon animal. With the help of
friends and family, not only did we complete the challenge- we won
1st place!
Let's just say it has been fun and games ever since.

I have improved since then and have
added lots of fun stuff to what I do. I am
lucky to have a great wife and daughter who
put up with all of my silliness
and goofy antics.

I have performed for large venues, such as
schools and the Moose Lodges, as well as
smaller private parties. It is not unusual to
find me making balloon sculptures at coffee
shops, just having fun and making
people smile.